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In our Quran Classes we strive very hard to deliver quality Quran education to distant students through our interactive web content. Our one-on-one class pattern has been producing such amazing results that most of our students and their parents end up recommending us to many of their friends and family. The quality of our tutors combined with our vast

experience in the field of teaching enables us to deliver the lessons very successfully. Your child or you can now have access to a qualified and experienced live Hafiz and/or Qari in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You just need to make your child available according to the schedule of your choice and we do the rest. From level evaluation to bi-weekly quizzes,

alphabets to Talawat with Tajweed, we have it all in a tested and proven educational package. Our interactive lessons make it very easy for the students to practice even after or before the class time. We encourage all our visitors to avail the free trial period offer. Also, our tutors guide their students in improving their daily life atticates. Our aim has been to make our

children good practicing Muslims no matter which part of the world they reside in. There are numerous important aspects like procedure of Namaz, Wazzu and various Duas which kids forget or skip because of lack of knowledge, we remind them of their glorious religion and its pious life style which brings them closer to their true belief, Islam.


Our method of teaching Quran is very simple yet extremely flexible and effective. Our one-on-one class pattern enables us to start coaching the students from their current level of understanding with the Arabic script. During the free trial offer we will guide the students from where they should start the course. Based on the years of teaching experience that our tutors have, the course is divided into three levels; basic, intermediate and advanced.


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